About our Chief Instructor

Tom Adam - SaBomNim

Over 10yrs teaching martial arts experience, Tom opened Hapkido Canberra in 2011 and has worked tirelessly to grow the Hapkido Canberra Community into the flurishing place that it is today.
SaBomNim (Teacher) Tom received his 5th Dan Master in 2012. Father of 3, avid and keen learner and always happy to help you learn and develop.

What does Hapkido mean to our members - in one word?





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OUR VISION: To empower self-confidence in everyone, through self-awareness and passion for martial arts.

What you should expect

  • Learn self defence while getting fit
  • Join a community of over 200 people with common goals
  • Get fit and confident in a fun way
  • Bonus: Facebook Group with videos, tips and events



Free Trial in a Women's Only Class

Join an amazing community of women training and learning self defence


About our
Chief Instructor

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Book your Free Trial Class as a way to get over the first and hardest part of starting anything - walking in the Door.

Our Chief Instructor will welcome you onto the mats, take you through our system and introduce you to some of our amazing students.

Duration: 1 hour
What to bring: 
Water Bottle + Ready to Learn!