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Join the Hundreds of Canberra People Who Are Getting Lean, Toning Up and Feeling Great - 28 Day Challenge
 How to Lose 5 Kilos and Tone Up in Just 4 Weeks with this FUN Healthy Lifestyle Challenge...
LIMITED OFFER: 4 Weeks of Unlimited Classes, help and support, 
goal setting for $199
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Are YOU experiencing any of this in your life?

 - Feel like you need to lose 5 kilos
 - Want get lean, tone up and feel great.
 - Have tried the gym and other workouts but found it too boring
 - Have tried dieting with little success
 - Want to wear clothes that don't feel tight all the time.
 - Lacking energy
 - Lacking motivation to work out because you find it boring and un-interesting.

Well let me say this:

If you are experiencing any of this right now, there's something you need to know:
You're Not Alone
And let me encourage you, because I speak to HUNDREDS of people every year who find themselves in the same situation.
Most of us don't stick at an exercise program long enough to see results. We must stop this so that we can finally feel completely happy within ourselves after achieving our weight loss goals.

Most people are trying to lose those extra kilos the hard way, they try all the gadgets and fads available on morning TV with little to no luck.
And here's what I can tell you, the easiest way to stick to a workout long enough to get real results, is to find a workout that is actually enjoyable.
Here's what I discovered:
  People Start a Fitness Program because they want to lose weight and tone up... But they stick at it and get results because they enjoy it, the relationships they make and its easy...
When you find a fitness program like this, that does get you results you will finally be able to get back to the exciting side of your life.
You see, some of our members who have had success have told us that their life before losing the weight was different, but not in a good way. They were behaving in the following ways:

 - Not wearing the clothes they really wanted to wear
 - Not shopping at the shops they really wanted to shop at.
 - Eating more chocolate and drinking more wine because what's the point
 - Feeling and acting defeated, like they could never lose the kilos and centimetres.

And look, It's pretty easy to start thinking and behaving like this...

And so you find yourself feeling:
  Unattractive , Stuck & Frustrated
Because there are so many workout and fitness options available, but none of them have quite captured your interest. Some of them require large investments of time and money and require you to exercise at ridiculous hours of the day.
And that's EXACTLY why I want to offer you our trial:
  4 Weeks of Unlimited Fat Destroying Fitness, Cardio Boxing and More Classes + 
Only $199... 
(Total Value $399)
Club Located Upstairs, 10 Townshend Street, Phillip (Woden) Phone: 0414 798 723
Demi Lost 30+ Kilos...
This is Demi, she has lost over 30kgs since November 2018 and is still going strong. 

This is just one of our examples of people achieving their goals.
Is it suitable for all fitness levels? Yes, because our classes are done by time and not number of repetitions, all fitness levels can benefit together.
Am I locked in a contract? No, this is a legit 4 week trial. Complete the 4 weeks, then you decide if you want to continue. If it's not for you, you keep the boxing gloves.
What are the costs after the trial? It depends on which option you take, but most people are paying $8.50 a class.
How do I get my gloves? if you purchase a discounted pair of gloves, next page, you'll get them in your first week of training.
Only $199...
  4 Weeks of Unlimited Fat Destroying Fitness, Cardio Boxing and More Classes + 
(Total Value $399)
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